Allegations of violence are usually charged under the Offences against the Person Act 1861, or Criminal Justice Act 1988.

Whether you are accused of ‘battery’, ‘common assault’, ‘ABH’, ‘GBH’ or other more serious offences, we can help establish whether you have a defence. For example, you may have been forced to strike out in order to defend yourself, someone else, or your property. There may have been an accident which lead to unforeseen consequences. You may have been on the outskirts of an incident involving many people, which leads to an allegation that you were involved.

Although an assault can take place without making contact with someone, in those circumstances we could make representations to the prosecution to pursue a lesser offence.

Accusations of using violence can be very serious; especially those which result in serious injury, involve large numbers of people or involve weapons, and can lead to long periods of imprisonment. We are committed to providing comprehensive advice; examining the evidence, and exploring all possible avenues in order to protect your reputation and your liberty.

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