Allegations of sexual misconduct are naturally very serious, and while under investigation can seriously impact upon the lives of those accused and their families.

We have strong experience in this field, and we genuinely appreciate the emotional distress caused to those accused of such crimes.

This area of work presents unique challenges, as most allegations inevitably involve one person’s word against the other. The defendant or person accused will often be of good character, meaning they have never been questioned by police or been before a criminal court before.

There are specific issues to consider, such as the legal concept of ‘consent’, or whether a complainant’s sexual history should go before the court. There can also be a stigma attached to those under investigation by the police, which can undermine someone’s reputation.

We aim to provide a thoroughly discrete service to anyone in this position, and present a thorough defence at all stages of the process. Our lawyers are extremely competent in dealing with the most sensitive of issues. They will be able to guide you through the process, and advise you in the most approachable, straightforward way.

The vast majority of allegations arise from the Sexual Offences Act 2003. Some of the more common offences we deal with are:

–         Rape and sexual/indecent assault

–         Historic sexual offences

–         Child abuse

–         Indecent images (possessing, making or distributing)

–         Sexual harm prevention orders (SHPO), Sexual Offences Prevention Orders (SOPO) and any breaches resulting from these.

–         Breach of Notification Requirements

–         Exposure and voyeurism

–         Disclosing private photos or film ‘Revenge Porn’

Please contact us in confidence for advice, if you are being investigated, prosecuted, or simply suspect the police may want to talk you to you about a sexual offence.

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