This area of law can be particularly complex, and result in serious consequences for drivers. We are able to provide comprehensive advice and representation in relation to all road traffic and motoring offences.

We understand how disruptive it can be to receive penalty points on a driving licence, or be disqualified from driving altogether.

If you think you may be liable to an obligatory or mandatory driving disqualification, we will always consider the merits of legal argument to avoid that happening.

In circumstances where that can’t be avoided, we will always endeavour to persuade the Court to impose the most lenient penalty, which will cause the least interference to your life.

Some of the more common offences we deal with are:

– Speeding

-Drink driving

-Drug driving

-Driving while disqualified

-Careless or dangerous driving

-Driving without insurance or a valid licence

-Failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis

-Failing to stop after an accident

-Failing to report an accident

-Failing to notify the name and address of a driver

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